TangEsta (Tangueros de Estambul) is a typical tango orchestra that plays tangos from the  Golden  Era  of  Argentinian  Tango  in  original  styles.  The  name  of   TangEsta  is  the  combination  of  Tango  and  Estambul  (İstanbul  in  Spanish).  The   band,  which  is  founded  in  the  late  2012  by  Ortaç  Aydınoğlu  in  Istanbul/Turkey,   had  a  long  preparation  period  to  explore  the  musical  essence  and  the  differences   between  styles  in  tango.  The  members  who  were  already  professional  musicians   have  become  tango  musicians  during  this  period  and  thus  the  band  became  a   professional  tango  orchestra  that  is  able  to  play  different  styles.

TangEsta  has  became  one  of  the  most  favourite  tango  orchestras  in  a  very   short  time  in  Turkey  since  their  debut  in  2015/07  with  their  passionate  playing   and  very  danceable  repertoire.  They  performed  in  several  concerts,  festivals  and   milongas.  Their  first  album  “Tangueros  De  Estambul”  has  been  released  on  2017   both  on  digital  platforms  and  CD.  Although  being  a  very  young  orchestra  they   have  already  been  invited by the most prestigious international tango festivals. They’ve regarded as one of the most promising tango orchestrasby the listeners from all over the world.


Artistic  and  Musical  Director : Ortaç  AYDINOĞLU
Bandoneon                                    : Ortaç  AYDINOĞLU
Violin                                              : Cenk  ATASOY
Piano                                               : Baturay  YARKIN
Double Bass                                  : Kristian LIND