Tango DJs

Aykut Dokur

Tango dansı, müziği ve hikayeleriyle çok sevdiğim bir kültür, tango kültürünün müziğini paylaşmak çok uzun yıllardır zevk aldığım bir konu, DJ lik yerine müzik paylaşmak demek beni daha iyi ifade eder..... Bir mimar olarak... Johann Wolfgang von Goethe'nin "music is liquid architecture, architeture is frozen music" sözüne bayılıyorum.

Deniz Aybar

She started her tango life in Istanbul in 2008. She went on her professional tango life with assisting and teaching, and started DJing in 2012. She improved her tango skills by taking some training from tango instructors adn DJs in Buenos Aires between years 2012- 2014. She goes on her professional tango life with DJing.

Eray Yüksek

Eray started his dance carrier in 1993 at METU Ballroom Dance Club and he went on to teach and organize events in Ballroom Dancing until 1999. He was first introduced to tango in 2000, when he met Metin Yazir in Syracuse, New York. Eray and tango - it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship: Eray is a tango dancer, a tango teacher, a tango event organizer and a tango DJ! His ample DJing experience shows in every tanda he plays, in the way he feels the milonga dynamics, and in the beautiful music flow that he creates during the night. Eray is a skillful master of the dance energy on the floor, which rises and falls as his music progresses. Because of his skills as a DJ, he has been invited to play music in various tango events in Turkey and abroad - the Czech Republic, Moldova, Poland, Romania, USA. He can't wait to play in Istanbul Tango Ritual, one of the longest tango festivals of Istanbul and share his music with all of you!


'Ramo & Go-Go' is a tango dj duo based in Istanbul. They’ve been dj-ing together for more than 8 years and they made more than 300 performance together. They always try to capture the mood of the crowd and create an atmosphere that will elevate the energy as a whole in a unique way. “Our aim is to make the dancers feel themselves like stars.”

Sermet Sünnetcioğlu

He started tango 2003 and attended local and international festival. He received personal training from famous maestros. He started workıng Dj on 2008 and showed performance on various event. T ango dj is the moderator of a milonga, He looks at the dance floor and make them dance, The important thing is to see the spirit of the dance floor and milongueros