Tango DJs

Popul Castello


Popul Castello

My Masters and professional references: Felix Picherna, Mario Orlando and Damian Boggio. My style starts from a thorough knowledge of classical orchestras… More

Namık Mengi


Namık Mengi – Türkiye
Growing up music has always been part of this Dj’s life.  Drawn to the rhythmic beat of the Afro-cuban he started playing bongo and conga until by chance he stumbled on an outdoor milonga 11 years ago…More

Sermet Sünnetçioğlu


Sermet Sünnetçioğlu – Türkiye
Started tango in İzmir-Turkey at 2003 . Called for djing at local milongas in İzmir by 2008 . First international experience was 2011 İzmir Tango Maraton. Then succesively Have been invited for djing at İstanbul 333, Milongahane, Tangolic’te, 2013 Tango to İstanbul…